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Take heart: Better sleep can be yours

When most of us think about heart health, we think about exercise and eating right. But there’s another daily part of our lives we may not connect to our hearts: sleep.


From terror to triumph

When Dr. Raymond Tricker says heart valve surgery was the most frightening thing he’d faced in his life, he means a level of anxiety most of us can’t imagine. That’s because his previous scariest experience came during World War II.


From farmer to heart patient

Terry Charvet’s path from his life as a farmer in Washington’s Yakima Valley to Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular took many years, but today he’s glad he made the trip. About 15 years ago, Terry’s primary care doctor heard a murmur in Terry’s heart.


Fixing a Broken Heart: From Acoma Pueblo to Portland

Miriam Salvador has always had a big heart for her heritage and culture. A resident of the Acoma Reservation in northwestern New Mexico, Miriam spends her free time sewing, designing Indian art and making traditional clothing.


Race car driver receives atrial fibrillation care at Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular

A malfunctioning electrical system can spell disaster in a car, and in your heart. When Johnny Unser, from the Unser auto racing family, needed specialized care for atrial fibrillation he found the team at Northwest Regional Heart and Vascular.