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We are leaders in robotic heart surgery.

Many cardiac procedures can be performed less invasively thanks to robotic technology combined with the expertise of robotic assisted cardiac surgery pioneer Thomas Molloy, MD, and his team at Northwest Regional Heart & Vascular. Smaller incisions and less tissue and bone trauma result in faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and reduced pain.

Education is morethan half the battle.

Many of our patients come to us because they ask good questions about what are the best options for their unique condition and goals. Take our heart risk assessment to receive a full report to guide this discussion with your provider.

World renowned treatment is right down the road.

In addition to our flagship hospital surgical center in southeast Portland, we have clinics and offices across the state to support patients from around the Northwest and beyond. Learn more about the care available where you like it best: close to home.

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I love using my knowledge and skill set to help our doctors corroborate and assure the patients on their journey to a healthy heart.

Brandon Maher, Sonographer

Cardiac Imaging

I truly enjoy working with people, giving my best focus, and treating everyone as I want to be treated and have my family treated.

Sharon Larry, EKG Tech

Cardiac Imaging

I like how everyone--from housekeepers and aides to nursing staff and providers--works as a team to make the best patient experience.

Allison Kos, PA

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Our clinic is part of a much larger team all dedicated to providing quality care.

Lorene St. Armand, RN

Our patients inspire us with their trust and honesty.

Pinali Patel, MA

My favorite part of this job is helping patients gain back their desired quality of life.

Judd Salamat, DO

Interventional Cardiology

The expertise and experience our team brings to your heart surgery create the excellent outcomes we consistently deliver.

Tom Molloy, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Hearts are complex, but our goal is simple: to restore yours to health.

Dan Feldman, MD

Interventional Cardiology

Cardiology is on the front lines with evidence-based interventions that make people feel better and live longer.

Gail Jones, MD

General Cardiology

What’s best for patients comes first here. That’s why I feel at home.

Fawaz Alhumaid, MD