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Saved by a Stranger: Mystery bystander saves a life with CPR

It’s a crisp Monday morning in Gresham, Oregon, and the sun has yet to crest the horizon. James Munson, 42, heads out the door, hops on his bike and starts his daily 7-mile ride to work. Along the Springwater Corridor Trail he rides, flanked by damp ferns, quiet woods, sleepy creatures, and the stillness of dawn.


Leaky Heart Valve Takes Road Cyclist Down a New Course

An avid cyclist, Peter Tuenge was surprised to find out he had a heart valve condition that needed surgery. The grit and determination he honed on his bike drove him to find Dr. Thomas Molloy, who offered him a robotic surgery repair that meant a shorter recovery.


Heart Patient Donates Retirement Account

A lot of people imagine philanthropy is just for the rich and famous. But one Northwest Regional Heart & Vascular patient begs to differ.


IndyCar Driver Gets Heart on Track

With the Portland Grand Prix coming this weekend, learn how retired IndyCar driver Johnny Unser found a familiar sense of team excellence when he came to Northwest Regional Heart & Vascular to get his heart back on track. Check out this video from 2018.


New Heart Valve, New Lease on Life

Thomas Amabisca was no stranger to heart problems when his doctor noticed a little murmur five or six years go. Back in the 1980s, he was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. He had an extra electrical pathway in his heart that caused his heart to race at times.