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Olympic Fitness: Pole Vault

Track and field events have begun in Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium. While some of these sports similar to our normal activities — like running, jumping and throwing — others are unlike anything most of us do.


Behind the Badge: From the operating room to the summit

Pearce Bessinger, PA, cares for heart surgery patients at Adventist Health Portland Medical Center. But even when he's "off the clock" his commitment to lifesaving work continues.


Mitral valve patient finds a better, easier way

When Mark Krueger needed his heart’s mitral valve repaired 24 years ago, he did his own research about options for surgery. That research led him to a surgeon in Boston who had a way to repair the valve without opening Mark’s entire chest.


Heart Healthy Pasta Sauce Recipes

Stick to your heart healthy resolutions while enjoying some comfort food this weekend or anytime. (bonus: these recipes are also vegan)